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100% of the profit from our merchandise goes directly to the recovery, restoration and rehabilitation of child and adult victims of human trafficking.

Restoration Society

Restoration Society

Healing this planet and all those on it.

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S/S 2021

The Hoodie

Started 2011 and now we're here.

The Shirt

For Modern-Day Abolitionists.

Since 2011,

Since 2011,

More than 500 children are safe and thousands of lives have been transformed. We have 6 restoration homes for child victims of trafficking in 4 countries around the world, providing every child with safe housing, medical care, trauma-informed therapy, education, and job training.

And we're just getting started. Together, we are giving futures back. 

Your Love Is Heroic 2021

In Blue

For those who always wander.

In Black

For those who aren't lost.

💯 Our Classic Hat

💯 Our Classic Hat

For all heroes across the globe.

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